I now am back home but with a Pokemon save file on OpenEmu for Mac. I have a copy of Black 2 and am wondering if there’s any way I can transfer my Pokemon over from Black 2 ROM to Black 2 legit cartridge. Certainly, some of you may be wondering what the “Nintendo 3DS Ambassador” thing is all about. In August of this year, Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS from $250 to $170. Essentially, six months after the hardware released, Nintendo had to knock $80 off of the sticker price. That frustrated a lot of diehard Nintendo fans who bought the system on or near launch for $250.

Gameplaycolor is a web console that lets you emulate the console right from the web browser of your iPhone. If you’re curious to emulate GameBoy Advance games on Android, check it out here. While there are plenty of emulators for Android, there is no easy way to play it on your iPhone. Sure you can jailbreak your iPhone and then get it the non-traditional way but nobody’s got time for that. In this guide, I’ll show you how to Play Gameboy Games on iPhone without Jailbreak. Not when you launch the GameBoy Color Emulator app, you should see a list of the games you’ve uploaded using the steps outlined above.

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From the menu that comes up, choose the save state if you want to delete or restart any. The snapshot of the changes made is saved along with the time stamp. You can easily transfer files between the iDevice and PC. However, only the ROM files are expected to work on both the devices upon transfer. You can check out the post given below to know more about the issue and methods to solve this. If none of these works, the problem is probably due to the ROM file.

  • For Seth, all of these stats were stored next to each other.
  • Not only are you able to collect Pokémon, but you will be able to team up with other trainers as well.
  • A hex editor is one of the most fundamental tools in any ROM hacker’s repertoire.
  • Giratina Strikes Back is a blast and one of the best Pokemon rom hacks.

Play the game in a totally new region with new gyms. You can have a rematch with all the gym leaders and some trainers. You get to choose from five different starter Pokemon. In this game, you can catch all the Pokemon’s, including the legendary Pokemon’s. Video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, toys, comics, and so much more.

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In My Abandonware’s FAQ, you’ll notice that while they allow users to download the games, they do not take responsibility for downloads “considered illegal in your country”. So if you have any reservations about downloading a game from this site, we recommend you trust your instinct. Even so, my Abandonware has been operating since 2009 and continues to be live, so interpret that how you wish. NESWorld is one of the oldest sites on this list, with its first incarnation going live all the way back in 1995. A love-letter to retro gaming, NESWorld features a ton of interesting gaming that might be interesting to explore.

It is a good and safe website where you can download your favorite retro games without the trouble of aggressive pop-up ads. The simple organization of the interface lifts anxiety and troubles of the user thus giving a great user experience. Users can safely download ROMs and their corresponding emulators without the hassle of bombarding pop-up ads during the experience. Most people who have tried GBA4iOS find it pretty good. The app works pretty reliably, so you would not encounter any problem in cashing-in-on some of your best retro games. (Developer have said that GBA ROMs are coming very soon.)If you would like to download other ROMs, simply search it on Google.