If the high reading and writing speeds persist, the computer could be infected with malware. For more on how to detect and remove malware, please consult the following IT article. Install the program again and see if the reading and writing speeds are different. 4DDiG is your second to none choice to recover all lost data on Windows/Mac computer from various loss scenarios like deletion, formatting, RAW, etc. with a higher success rate.

Users tend to have a lot of questions about the risks involved in the process and whether the benefits really outweigh those risks. Here we answer a few commonly asked questions to allay some of the fears. Click on each category to review the issues contained in it. Unselect issues that you are not sure about deleting. If you don’t know if an issue is pertinent or safe to fix, move on to the next one. Once the issues are found, click onReview selected Issues.


Hence, it is better to keep a copy of Windows registry that would help us to restore in case if it crashes. Above-mentioned list of hives are very important part of accessing, managing information on system. Sometimes you may come across Windows registry errors when above-mentioned hives are attacked by virus threats or when there is a problem with the OS files. Therefore, follow below mentioned tricks to fix Windows Registry errors when occurs. Easy pc optimizer is easy to use system maintenance tool that securely cleans up unusable files boost your computer speed up the performance. It also provides many custom selection options that allow you to clean up files they do not need.

  • Again, you need to know which hardware device is not working correctly before moving on with this method.
  • One of the most common results are system crashes and blue screens.
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Every time you switch on your PC, open a document, install or uninstall a program or do anything else, the registry is updated with new information. Basically, if you are actively using your computer, the registry may get updated hundreds of times per second. Slow PC performance – Your system slows down due to junk entries, continuous installing and uninstalling and crashes faced by the registry. Clean out temporary Internet files, corrupted applications, and trash files. After the scan, when a utility starts removing and fixing job, leave it to the job.

Is a Blue Screen Bad?

Registry errors are among the most annoying and difficult to fix errors in Windows. In this article we are download intel drivers going to show you several ways you can fix registry errors, both manually and automatically. When you make modifications in your preferences, the Windows registry undergoes an expansion. With the new information compiled in the registry, the obsolete data is hoarded up and this hinders its normal functioning. This leads to several types of registry errors like PC freezes, slow speed and PC hangs.

It is a utility program that allows us to analyze the state of hard drives and external storage units connected to the computer. It also helps us to look for errors and repair them later. The utility program is accessible on Windows 10, 8 or 7, and to use it we will have to run the CMD as administrator. Download and extract the Zip, then run the small 122KB executable, select the drive to scan and choose the mode. There is scan only, fix errors or fix and recover bad sectors.